Equinox Global has the key resources and talents in-house to bring the most practical solutions tailored to the Clients’ needs. In addition to the multi-disciplined “one stop shop” service, we are also able to deliver specialized single-disciplined engineering and design solutions to meet the individual needs of our Clients while adhering to the relevant internationally accepted codes & standards and applicable statutory rules and regulations.

Our Team of expert Engineers covers the following Engineering Disciplines:

  • Process & Process Safety Engineering
  • Mechanical (Static & Rotary) Engineering
  • Piping and Pipeline Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Civil/Structural Engineering

Conceptual Engineering Design

Based on the Client’s needs, our group of qualified and experienced engineers will come up with concepts of several possible engineering solutions, through the implementation of the best engineering practices and the utilization of the latest technology. By the end of this stage, a number of conceptual engineering solutions with the general design layout and some basic calculations are delivered to the Client to select from, along with recommendation for the optimum solution.

Feasibility Study

Based on our broad experience and deep understanding of the industry and market trends, we conduct studies to evaluate the market opportunity and validate the technical & economic feasibility of the proposed designs. Ultimately, we produce a Feasibility Study report that outlines the final outcome to the Client, and assist him in taking subsequent decisions in relation to the project.

Basic/Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

In this package, we translate the conceptual design or feasibility study of the project into an optimum & comprehensive engineering design that reflects the Client requirements while adhering to applicable statutory rules and regulations. Depending on the Client’s requirement, the final outcome can be transformed into the Basic Engineering Design package covering all engineering deliverables necessary to define the design basics, or the more detailed Front End Engineering Design (FEED) package which can form the technical basis of the Tender Package.

Detailed Engineering Design

Detailed Engineering Design is the essential bridge between the FEED and the construction phase of the project. Our team of reliable and experienced engineers & designers are fully capable of delivering the complete Detailed Engineering Design package defining all details necessary for construction. Latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools are extremely used to come up with the optimum design ensuring maximum construction, operational and maintenance convenience. We adhere to relevant standards, specifications, procedures & regulations.